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If the answer is YES, you need to read the following letter…………….then,  sign up here:


Dear Parents,

My name is Lisa Blackstone and I’ve spent my entire life in love with horses….and children.  I’ve been an active competitor in horse shows for many years and I’m also an international horse show judge.

Too often new horse owners get physically injured and financially ripped off.

….Every year I hear of children getting hurt because of poor training or a lack of supervision.

….Every year I hear from veteran horse owners about how they spent way too much money when they got started, not knowing the truth about horse dealings.

The purpose of these horse riding videos is to teach YOUR child the proper ways to get started.   I want YOUR child to have a pleasant, positive experience with horses, learning the safe way to do things with horses.

Horse Riding Videos will teach basic horsemanship from. . . . . understanding the nature of horses, how horses behave, communicate, and react, all the way to. . . . .  caring for a horse, including grooming, bathing, clipping, leading, tying them safely, saddling, bridling and much, much more.

  • If your child is a beginner, this is a great way to get them started.
  • If your child is already taking riding lessons, these videos will help them get more out of their lesson program. (Instructors LOVE this DVD!)

These horse riding videos apply to ALL RIDING STYLES and ALL BREEDS OF HORSES because good horsemanship is universal!

You can find other video websites showing basic horsemanship, but not in a complete compilation like this. You can also find sites that simply provide entertaining horse riding videos that you will enjoy.  Several video sites provide that kind of interesting horse riding videos.

That’s fun too, but not as important as learning these proper practices around horses that will help KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE!


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….Horse Riding Videos are in short supply when it comes to teaching children how to ride. For some reason, there are plenty of videos teaching adult riders how to train their own horses.

….Not everyone can afford a horse trainer and for those looking for helpful tips, horse riding videos are a good source of self-help and in great supply.

….Adult riders can find horse riding videos about dressage, reining, cutting, breaking young stock, and a plethora of other topics.

….Horse training can be very expensive.  If you own your own horse, you’ve got plenty of expenses already!  Adding a full time training program by a professional may double your out of pocket expenses.

….Many horse owners do not live near a professional trainer and must travel great distances to get the help they want.

….For these people horse riding videos can be a life saver! Some of the top horse training professionals have produced videos designed for the amateur owner who is trying to train their horse on their own.

….You can find horse riding videos on dressage, a discipline that is basically the foundation for all types of training.  Dressage horse riding videos will help just about anyone trying to do it alone.

….Horse Riding Videos can also show YOU, not just how to train a horse, but how to enjoy the world from horseback!

….Horse riding is good for the soul and you can get a taste of that from horse riding videos offered by vacation spots.

….The fact is….there are very FEW horse riding videos for children. It is EXTREMELY important for children to learn basic horsemanship skills before they go about training their own horse or enjoying a good trail ride on horseback!

….Basic horsemanship skills are universal, no matter what breed or discipline you are fond of.  Teaching kids how to be safe and how to communicate successfully with their horse is critical to ensuring their ongoing love of the sport.

Horse Riding Videos designed for children will greatly improve your child’s learning curve when it comes to these basic, important skills.

Bottom Line:  Your child will learn how to lead a horse without getting stepped on…how to groom it properly, how to tack it up, how to get on it, how to use different kinds of reins and bits….the subjects just go on and on!

These horse riding videos are the only ones I am aware of that are specifically for children.  As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of videos of adults, but very few for kids.

Get these horse riding videos for your child today.  It’s a cheap way to safely and properly teach your kid about horses and save a lot of money too!

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Horse riding videos can teach you all about riding horses.  But, they can also teach you about the body language horses exhibit so that you can learn more about their behavior.  If you understand their basic nature and how they communicate, you can better predict their behavior .

Horses have core instincts and innate responses to their environment.  If you can SEE horses interacting with each other, you will learn to recognize certain behavior and better anticipate their next move.  This will make you a better rider.

If you do not have your own horses in the backyard, what better way to expose yourself to horses than through horse riding videos that incorporate a broad spectrum of subjects.

The language horses use to communicate with each other incorporates the use of his body, in varying degrees.  For example, there are many different states of mind that a horse can show through the position of his ears.  Let’s examine that one example:

When they are pinned back, and almost flat against his neck, he is angry and trying to intimidate the other horse.  If his ears are only slightly tilted back, then he is most likely listening to you or something behind him.  When his ears are forward, then he is attentive to something ahead of him.  Every now and then you will see his ears straining forward.  Usually this means he is scared or concerned about something ahead of him.

Horse riding videos can help you SEE the differences in these many ear positions.  As a rider, you will learn to anticipate his behavior and communicate better if you can recognize each variation.  Horse riding videos can greatly increase your awareness of these nuances and the more you see, the better rider you will be!

WATCH horses interact with each other in nature.  The body language they use between themselves is the only tool they have!  This language is the same one they will use with you.  Horse riding videos will help you learn this language so you and your horse can communicate effectively.

For some of you, video analysis may be all you have if you do not have access to horses where you live.  That’s okay!  Horse Riding Videos can teach you the same lessons!

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